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The Pinal County Fair brings you 5 full days and nights of great family entertainment. From local talent to national touring acts there is plenty to keep you entertained. Best of all, all the entertainment is free with paid fair admission! So come and enjoy! Daily Schedule

Feature Entertainment

Keepsakes –
Local favorites, The Keepsakes bring hits from the 50’s and 60’s to the fair on Friday. Performing at noon at 9pm on Friday, March 25th, the band is a staple of the fair. 13 years and running, this popular doo whop group sings chart toppers that will have everyone singing along.

MC Magic –
Hip Hop artist and famed DJ, MC Magic will take the stage Saturday, March 25th at 8:00pm. One show only, it is sure to be a great time! Bringing his unique style of hip hop, both in English and Spanish, MC Magic’s show will feature his hits including Don’t Worry and Magic City.

Control –
Set to perform Saturday, March 25th at 9:30pm, Control will rock the house with their specialty, norteño music! The night will be filled with their hits, some favorites and some new tunes. Control (aka Grupo Control) is a regional Mexican group based in Houston, TX, who bill themselves as Los Reyes de la Cumbia (The Kings of Cumbia). Don’t miss the incredible show.

Mariachi Innovación &
Ballet Folklorico Tapatio - Sunday

Free Daily Attractions

Great American High Dive Show –
brings together champion and professional divers performing thrilling death defying feats! Platforms of varying heights, the tallest being over 80 feet high, bring an element of excitement to the show. Comedy is also a big part of the dive show. The Human Torch where a diver lights himself on fire then dives to the pool below brings the show to a close. Performing 3-4 shows per day, this one is a must see!

Wild About Monkeys –
When a movie producer needs a performing baboon, chances are they will call Kevin and Martina Keith ~ the hosts of “Wild about Monkeys”. Training Baboons is their specialty. They believe baboons to be, by far the most socially intelligent primate. Combining the rare skills of excellent trainers and the incredible instincts of the wild as well as domestic animals with which they have become friends, Kevin and Martina will delight and amaze their audience with fun, education and great entertainment for the whole family. “Wild about Monkeys” is the only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons. The Mandrill baboon is the only one of his kind to be safely and humanely handled on stage today.

Circus Imagination –
Not your typical fair show as the young fairgoers are the stars of the show! Beautiful ballerinas, talented tight rope walker, a brave lion tamer and even a daredevil shot out of a cannon are some of the incredible characters child audience members create. Dressed up in full costumes, kids are super excited for their debut. With three shows per day, young ones will have several opportunities to shine!

Tiny Model T and Blue Bear-y –
Driving around the fairgrounds, you’ll find Nancy and her friend Blue Bear-y, a very large fuzzy blue bear. Happy to stop for a photo or a visit, Nancy and her Bear are lots of fun to hang out with on the fairgrounds.

Steve’s Fun Balloons –
Master balloon craftsman, Steve will entertain audience members of all ages with his incredible talent. Inflating, twisting and tying requests to make your favorite animal, character or design, you’ll find Steve and his balloons many times per day.
Godfrey The Magician – Watch coins appear from thin air. See an escape from a strait jacket. Go up on stage as a volunteer! Godfrey’s shows are a favorite among fairgoers of all ages. You’ll be amazed as you try to figure out how it is all done!

Balloon Man Skip Banks –
He is Back! Comedy skits that will keep you in stitches. Set to music, this comedy show will have everyone laughing. Watch as he climbs inside a giant balloon for his finale. You’ll want to see this show over and over again…it’s that funny!