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Whether you are planning a wedding, Quinceañera, booking a trade show, or simply looking for a facility for a meeting, the Pinal County Fairgrounds and Event Center has multiple spaces to meet your needs. Our various facilities can accommodate groups as large as 800 people, or as small as 5 individuals. To inquire into the availability and pricing of any of our facilities, please email us at Rentals@PinalFairgrounds.com or
call 520-723-7881.  

Building Rentals


Please note:

Due to the lack of air conditioning in our buildings, we do not offer building rentals from May 31 - Aug. 31

Main Hall

The Main Hall is our largest indoor facility, at 30,000 square feet. The building is used frequently for trade shows, banquets, receptions, fundraisers, and weddings. It easily has capacity for 1000 guests. 

This building can be rented in sections to accommodate a wide range of party types, indoor activities, and trade shows.

· Full (30,000 sq ft), maximum capacity 1000

· Half (15,000 sq ft), maximum capacity 600

· Third (10,000 sq ft), maximum capacity 330

Building One

At 5,000 square feet, Building One is perfect for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, and baby showers of up to 250 guests. Building One features excellent access to the Fountain Lawn that can be used as outdoor picnic area or to host your intimate wedding ceremony. 

Building Two

Building Two, measuring 3750 square feet, is excellent for parties and gatherings of up to 200 guests. This building is often rented for wedding receptions, birthday parties, trade and craft shows. 

Building Three

At 1175 square feet, Building Three is perfect for weddings and receptions of up to 100 guests. It features access to an excellent kitchen with four oven/ranges, two refrigerators and three sinks (if requested). This building is often rented for small wedding ceremonies, receptions, baby showers, and meetings. 

The Cantina

A unique outdoor space, at 1000 square feet, The Cantina is located between buildings two and three. This space is great for small parties of less than 75 people. The Cantina includes a small bar/serving area and easy access to Building Three. The Cantina can be rented (additionally) as part of Building Three to provide your guests with an intimate outdoor space. 

Outdoor Spaces


Fountain Lawn

The Fountain Lawn is approximately 105ft wide by 157ft long. It features a waterfall with native plants, fountain, tree cover, and a small seating area made up of picnic benches on the exterior. This is the perfect place for an outdoor picnic area or to host your intimate wedding ceremony. 

The Barn

The covered barn is approximately 155ft wide and 305ft long. Stock pens, show rings, and bleachers are available for use. Prices vary depending on what equipment and services your event requires.

Rodeo Arena

The outdoor Rodeo Arena is approximately 150ft wide and 300ft long.  A dirt parking lot adjacent to the Rodeo Arena is also available for rent.  Stock pens and uncovered bleachers are available for use. Prices vary depending on what equipment and services your event requires.


Need the whole facility for a special event or concert? Please email Rentals@PinalFairgounds.com or call 520-723-7881 to check availability and to set up an appointment.


The Pinal Fairgrounds and Event Center has been the site for the Arizona State Good Sam’s Samboree, F.C.M.A. Rocky Mountain Ramble, F.C.R.V. National Rally and WINS National R.V. Rally. With the capability of handling several hundred R.V.'s, as well as the buildings in which to hold seminars and group functions, it provides the ideal location for R.V. Rallies, large or small.

The 120-acre facility can provide electric and water connections for as many as 1000 R.V.'s. Four buildings containing 40,000 sq. ft. of open space makes the Fairgrounds an attractive place to gather for functions of all sizes. Please email Rentals@PinalFairgrounds.com or call 520-723-7881 to check availability and to set up an appointment.

FAQ & Rental Policies

Common questions about our rentals

Can I bring my own beverages?

No. No outside beverages or alcohol are allowed on the fairgrounds during private events. This includes all beverages even if provided through a catering company. 

Bar service:

  • Option 1 (most common): Cash bar – this is a no-host bar for which your guests may purchase beer, cocktails, soda, and water. 
  • Option 2: Open bar – you may “pre-purchase” a set amount of beverages for your guests in advance of your event. This can include soda, water, beer, and cocktails. 

Self-serve non-alcoholic beverage service:

  • Option 1: We can provide a self-serve soda/water station for your guests as part of your rental agreement. Beverages must be “pre-purchased” in advance. We will provide the beverages, ice, serving containers, and table.
  • Option 2: We offer 5 gallon coolers of lemonade, tea, and fruit punch for $25 each. Each container serves approximately 80 guests. We can also provide coffee service for $35 each. A container serves approximately 60 guests. 

Specialty alcohol (specific brand of alcohol, wine, champagne, etc.) may be available but must be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance to insure delivery by our distributor.

Our bar stocks the following liquors for your guests:

  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Tequila 
  • Rum 
  • Whiskey 

A combination of the above can be arranged in your contract. 

Can we bring our own food or caterer?

Yes. You may bring your own food or have your event catered. As listed above, even a catering company may NOT provide beverages. Cooking is allowed on the fairgrounds but must be done outside of the building. You may bring hot plates or other warming devices for your food as long as they are not gas or propane. 

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes, the tables and chairs are calculated based on the number of your guests. As part of your contract you will be provided with a set number of tables/chairs to accommodate your party along with (5) five extra tables for other uses (gifts, cake table, buffet, etc.).

Tables and chairs will be set along the wall in your rented building. It is the responsibility of the renter to set-up the tables and chairs as desired.

Tablecloths and decorations are not provided. 

All tables are 8 ft rectangles. Other sizes may be available but with limited quantity. Please inquire with our event coordinator. 

Do the buildings have AC or heating?

No. Our buildings do not offer heating or cooling. For this reason, we do not rent our buildings from June 1st – August 30. If fans are available, we will provide those to your building. 

Portable cooling units are available for rent at $50-$65 each. However, depending on the size of your event and the building, they may only drop the ambient temperature by 10 – 20 degrees. 

Can I use the fountain lawn or the wedding park for a ceremony?

Yes. The lawns are a perfect place to hold your ceremony. If you are renting a building you may use the lawn at no additional charge for up to a 2-hour time period. If you would like to use the lawn only without renting a building, there is a rental fee depending on your needs. 

What are the hours for building rentals? 

All rental fees are a calculation of various components, including the length or your event. You may start your event as early as 6:00 AM. However, all events must end by 11:59 PM to respect to our residential neighbors. 

Guest Access & Restrictions

Gated Access: Once alcohol service starts on the facility (regardless if it's being served at your event or not), guests will not be allowed to come-and-go to their vehicles/parking lot. 

     a. Signs and a security guard will be posted at the exit(s) once this rule goes into effect 

     b. Once a guest exits any gated area they will not be allowed back in to the facility. This is to help ensure a   safe and secure space for all guests. 

Parking: Parking is only permissible within the designated parking lot. Parking inside the facility is restricted to staff, contractors, and on a case-by-case basis with prior permission from management.


What other equipment is available for rent?

We have a variety of equipment that you may find helpful for your special event. For a pricing please call our office. 

  • Portable stage (20 ft x 8 ft)
  • Portable evaporative coolers 
  • Wicker wedding arch
  • Patio heaters 
  • Straw-bales for seating and/or decorations 


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